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  • Sign-up for Investigation in Cyprus

    Sign-up for Investigation in Cyprus

    Overall planning of exhibition route,Whole-process consulting service,Arrangement of exhibition venue,Service-charge-free agency service for visa application

  • Promotion Services in Overseas Market

    Promotion Services in Overseas Market

    Accommodation in Sun City Hotel, Joining European Order Exchange for free,Product placement in overseas activities

  • Marketing Activities Planning Service

    Marketing Activities Planning Service

    Planning of theme activities,Promotion of activities,Preparation/design of materials,Execution/supervision of activities

  •  Platform Planning Service

    Platform Planning Service

    Planning and development of E-commerce platform,UI/UE design ,E-commerce strategy of brand,System/environmental security,Agency operation of public accounts

Why did you choose us?

Shared Business Platform

To fully play its role as an organizer, CGAC will organize networking events for enterprises at irregular intervals, build a shared business platform; collect feedback from members regularly, convene member meetings as needed, help enterprises solve various difficulties; organize different communication activities, exhibitions and presentations, investment fairs, forums, product promotions, seminars, exhibition invitation conferences, art shows and many others; provide various services to members and enterprises, and help enterprises seek more brand marketing and product promotion opportunities.

Communication Mechanism for Business Platform

To fully play its role as a coordinator, CGAC will, with the assistance of industrial organizations, foster an effective internal vertical communication mechanism; build partnership with external associations or organizations in a fast manner as per members’ requests, eliminate barriers to development to achieve win-win results; endeavor to obtain governmental resources and favorable policies, and act as a bridge of effective communication between government and our members.

Promotion Platform for Brand Marketing

To fully play its role in promoting commerce and trade, CGAC will plan and organize various promotion events according to the features of CGAC and its members, mobilize local media to vigorously promote the businesses and performance of the members and CGAC, enhance the popularity and reputation of our members, and create a favorable environment for the members to develop their business.Entrepreneurs that have joined CGAC will be able to promote their innovative brands and establish trust and credibility through multiple platforms, including the publications, websites, Weibo and Wechat public accounts, and SMS system of CGAC, and various festivals, meetings and production exhibitions.

Training Platform for IT Management

To fully play its role in training, CGAC will provide consulting services in economic, technical, legal, information, and management areas, organize various training programs to improve the overall quality of the member enterprises; conduct researches on local demands and master the accurate demand data; study the local policies and regulations so as to avoid the adverse effect of unfavorable policies and take advantages of local supportive policies for further development; effectively inspect the industrial and European standards, and regularly conduct evaluations according to the characteristics of different industries.

Analysis Platform for Big Data Environment

To fully play its role in information collection, CGAC will keep our member enterprises informed of the first-hand information by collecting, analyzing and publishing market information, establishing a network for industry information, and acquiring the latest information on policy, investment and project; pay close attention to the developments of relevant industries, build a mechanism for data collection, data statistics and date analysis, and accurately forecast market trends.

Commercial Services

Providing members of CGAC with all-rounded value-added services, free promotion-oriented and investigation-oriented quotas, services on customized brand marketing scheme, corporate culture design, agency operation of platform, etc.

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